Founder References

Why Founders Choose Us:

  • We are operators and get our hands dirty. Hamdy was a founder of an online equity trading brokerage. Gary ran product for major media companies like VICE.
  • We’ve been there as founders. We write copy. QA Apps. Get on calls.
  • We open doors for strategic international capital and support companies seeking to enter the MENA region with tactical legal, commercial, and regulatory support.

From our founders:

Ahmed M. Co-Founder of DAPI YC S20 — In my journey, Mohamed was thoughtful and has given time and feedback whenever we needed. Mohamed Hamdy is one of the few angel investors in the region with true understating of building technology business. He is a great mentor and goes above and beyond to help founders even on a personal level. When Dapi was raising Mohamed was the first money in Dapi. As Dapi team we are very grateful for his continuous support and time. If you are looking for a founder friendly investors list, Mohamed Hamdy would defiantly is in the tops of that list.
Iba M. Co-Founder of TARA YC W15 — Three words. I trust Gary. When I need to think through decisions relating to product or even personal matters- he's usually been my first three calls. It's typically difficult for founders to have people in their network or investors that are a good sounding board, especially when a startup is moving at breakneck speeds, and Gary provides me with peace of mind when I need it. I can count on him to be available, day or night.
Vivek S. Co-Founder of Superhuman — Gary hustles for his founders. He was one of Superhuman’s earliest customers and quickly became our number one reporter of bugs and feature requests — it was not uncommon for Gary to provide detailed UX notes to our product and customer delight team. As an investor he has proactively referred many others customers onto Superhuman. And he's a lot of fun to talk to and to get to know. Highly recommend getting him on your cap table!
Amira R - Co-Founder of Bulkwhiz — It has been an absolute pleasure working with Mohamed. He is a hands on VC investor who is there for anything from bouncing growth ideas, to opening sales opportunities to securing new funding. He listens, gives heartfelt advice and follows through on every commitment. I would not be where I am with my startup today without him!